The diamond shape

Most diamonds are cut in the brilliant round shape, but other cuts are very popular as well. The choice of a diamond’s shape is a question of taste.

We offer you a choice of over 500,000 diamonds. All our diamonds are certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the global benchmark in terms of certification quality.

As gemmologists and diamond specialists, we are in direct contact with the global diamond market and our stones come from all over the world. We only offer top quality diamonds at the best prices. All our diamonds have no fluorescence and the cut quality only varies between Excellent and Very Good.

All our suppliers must confirm in writing that their diamonds comply with the Kimberly Process, which means that their diamonds do not come from countries at war.

Our expert gemmologists will provide you with information and help you with queries on any aspect of diamonds to enable you to make a fully informed purchase. Whether it is for jewellery or for an investment, we will find the diamond that suits you together.

Carbon is one of the four most common elements in the universe. Diamonds are composed of 99.95%, and up to 99.98%, carbon. That means it is the only jewel composed of a single element, carbon. Carbon is also the basis of life on earth.

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